With the rising price of gas, and high airline flight prices it’s almost become less then fun to try and plan a fun but budget friendly vacation. This past August my family and I decided we would travel the way we had been for the past three years which was through Amtrak. Some say Amtrak has become the lost form of recreational transportation and apparently it has.

Even though this might be the case there are many great reasons to use Amtrak on your next trip.
Amtrak for the most part has stations all over the country. If there is not one in your town or city then there is one usually not to far away.

Our last trip we caught the train out of New York’s Penn Station to Williamsburg, Virginia. The ride was close to seven hours long but was made very comfortable by the many amenities that Amtrak has to offer.

The first thing that has always appealed to me is the amount of space that one has in the seating areas, this is definitely more space then you could ever have on any airline flight unless you were in first class. For those with little ones, theirs no need to worry about storage space , as there is ample room above you and below you to store any your items. You also have the option to place your luggage in baggage.

Three different types of seating are available to you which are coach, business class and you also have the option to stay in a small room with a small bathroom and shower as well as a pull down single size bunk bed , and huge window seat. The room is great if your willing to spend the extra money and want the privacy.

The business class seating is bigger then the coach seats and you are supplied a blanket and pillow as well as free juice, coffee or tea. Coach seating is cheaper then the others but it is still comfortable and has plenty of room and leg space, as well as bathrooms which are also handicap accessible.

No matter what type of seating you choose , you will still have a wonderful view of the beautiful scenery that traveling by train allows you to see. Amtrak allows you to see an inside view of nature , due to the fact that most of the tracks are built inside of areas that normally wouldn’t be accessible by foot.

On my last trip I saw various type of animals, and birds, as well as houses that were very historical looking and looked as if they had not been occupied for sometime.

Another feature that I have always loved about Amtrak is that you can purchase food on the train. When I say buy food I don’t just mean peanuts and ginger ale.

On our last trip I was able to purchase hotdogs, pizza and a tuna sub sandwich as well as juice and soda. The food cart on the train also limited the amount of children’s juice boxes and snack items that I would have to lug around with me, if I were to have flown.

The final great benefit of riding the train is the price. Amtrak is very affordable and ,is great if your traveling with a group of people. Our total price for five people was $398.32 round-trip. Children two and under are free , and kids 2-15 are half price.

It’s important to take advantage of any discounts that you may be eligible for , and Amtrak has plenty of them . Military , veterans, AAA and AARP as well as Student Advantage Discounts are just some of them Another great tip is to search online for Amtrak promotional codes, I have received free travel for my daughter by using one of their codes.

The next time your looking for a way to get to your next travel destination , look up Amtrak and you will be pleasantly surprised at what you have been missing out on.

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