At the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area you will experience the mountains and the water so be sure that you get some great pictures of the scenery.

This is a place where you can relax and enjoy everything great about nature. In order to understand more about the area you can write to them at the North Cascades National Recreation Area at 810 State Route 20 in Sedro- Woolley, WA 98284. You can also call them at two different numbers.

The Visitor Information line is 360-854-7200 and the Wilderness Information Center number is 360-854-7245. Get good directions when you contact them and any road condition information that you might need to know of before you get there.

They will have a lot of pertinent information to give to you so make sure that you contact them while you are planning your visit to the area. It will give you plenty of things to think about to make the very most out of your trip to the area.

When visiting this site you will want to make sure that you consider that the area gets very much snow in the winters. Even thought it is open all the time you will want to call ahead to see if the roads are passable. At this site there is a campground that you can camp in.

You will want to make sure that you bring all the supplies that you will need for you and the people that are traveling with you. Always make sure that you listen to the rules and regulations that are set up because they are there for a reason. Do all that you can to leave the place as nice as it was when you first came so that the area is clean.

There are no fees to access the site but if you are planning on camping when you are there you will have to pay a $12 fee. There is another campsite at this site also that only charges $10 per night. You do not need reservations so make sure that you go early in the day so that you can get a good spot when you are planning to camp overnight.

There is plenty to enjoy at the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area. Be sure to make the very most of your visit and enjoy all that you can while you are there. It is sure to be a very positive experience for you and you might find yourself wanting to go back again and again. Have as much fun as you can because it is a wonderful site to visit.

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