Vacationing in New Zealand is a rich and rewarding experience for many people who enjoy a wide variety of recreations, hobbies, and more. The entire country is rich in exotic flora and fauna, that attract thousands of visitors all throughout the year, who enjoy, in particular, water related recreational fun.

In fact, some of the best freshwater fishing can be done right in this region, in one of the several rivers and basins of the country. Fishing has always been an integral part of New Zealand’s cultural heritage, and modern economical staple, and today this historically important past-time is also lending a hand, to New Zealand’s tourism industry.

In the Southernmost regions of the country, is where you will find most of the best fishing spots around, and in the process you may learn a plethora of historical and geographical information. The South Island is, by standards of land mass, considered the mainland of New Zealand, and the lesser populated of the two islands in the country. With it’s incredible ecosystem and it’s amazing tourist’s retreats, this region will leave visitors spellbound, and wanting to come back for more.

Some of the more noteworthy freshwater fishing spots are located in the South Island, such as the Brentleigh Homestead. [ reference – ] Located on the edges of Mataura River in Southland, New Zealand, this retreat is a quaint, and intimate place to relax and enjoy fishing the river, as well as the many other bodies of water in the immediate area.

There is an over abundance of Brown Trout in the waters in and surrounding the property, so if you like fly fishing, this is the spot to see. Another great thing to do, while exploring fishing destinations in New Zealand, is connect with Wild Angler Fishing Tours.

Wild Angler is a high quality touring service, that specializes in ten day long fishing tours on the surrounding bodies of freshwater in the region. Enjoy fishing for a plethora of freshwater aquatic life, like rainbow, and brown trout. There are also perks to touring with Wild Angler, like a daily menu, so you can eat well while, out on your fishing expeditions.

Their daily lunch menu is unlike what you’d expect while out and about wading in the muddy waters fishing for trout. In fact, they feature a seasonally changing menu offering a series of elegant fusions of ethnic tastes with a variety of flavors to suit any pallet.

The Wild Angler headquarters is based in beautiful, Dunedin, New Zealand, a town that offers a rich and exciting variety of cultural entertainment and historical attractions to keep you entertained while in between fishing trips.

New Zealand’s Southernmost region is the best place in the world to experience food, fun, and an amazing fishing experience.

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