First we start out with the Chickasaw National Recreation Area.Created in 1906 to preserve its heritage, It has many acres filled with many hiking trails, trickling streams, and beautiful nature spots. Whether just out to enjoy the scenery or to get wet, the Chickasaw National Recreation Area is filled with your desires. It’s known for its’ beautiful mineral streams, really cold water, flowers, and wildlife.

There are over twenty miles of hiking trails followed by the Rock Creek Multi-use trail system which consists of eight miles that you can travel by horseback, bicycle, or foot. The waters are known to be healing but there is no scientific proof to justify this, but people still bring their water jugs to fill up on this mineral water for home.

Second, this attraction is a little bit different also located about 100 miles north of Davis. (That small town located near Sulphur.) This attraction is also a very well known Water park. Frontier City located in Oklahoma City.. Come enjoy a fun filled day riding rides and attending booth games. Frontier City is Oklahomas’ largest theme park and it features a wild wild west theme inspired for the Oklahoma State Fair.

With over fifty rides and attractions, including shows, this park covers more than forty acres. Recommended for adult and children of all ages, this park is filled with roller coasters, top of the line thrill rides and shows that should probably be featured on Broadway in New York. With many genres of music playing all throughout the summer, you may find yourself relaxing listening to the new and old musicians of this time. Even Karaoke is available.

The featured shows include “The ‘SEMI’ Great Train Robbery”, which gives a realistic insight about a train robbery back when. “Two Johns Revue” which features two sisters who fall in love with the same man.

“The World of Magic” features toe-tapping, mesmerizing, amazing, heartfelt, spectacle of illusions, dance, music, and comedy, asking volunteer participation from the crowd. These features are liked by people of all ages and styles. Truly, there is a little bit of everything to please everybody.

Frontier City also has many stores that you can get your very own souvenirs, toys, sweets, or pictures featuring you in the wild west. There are also many places to eat given variations such as Mexican, American, and a old chuck wagon restaurant that you may enjoy a meal at. For regular concessions, those are located all throughout the park.

Last but definitely not least we have the famous Omniplex Science Museum. Also located in Oklahoma City, the Omniplex was established in 1962, It was used as an attraction by the fairgrounds. Not only is this attraction the first publicly theater but an open window to many wonders.

The Omniplex has over 350 hands on activities for both adults and children. There are even exciting exhibits for children under 6 years old.

The Air and Space museum has many collections full of memorabilia noted in the southwest.This science museum is filled with many different exhibits and activities including: Special Exhibits, Cultural Exhibits,Aviation and Space, Hands on Science, In the Works, Gadget Trees, and many activities for big groups such as classes.

There are many restaurants and snack lines that you may choose to eat from. There is also a big designated area for eating. The Omniplex even allows you to eat in their botanical garden filled with many beautiful plants and there may even be some beautiful and exotic butterflies. There are also many places in the botanical garden just to relax and enjoy, maybe with a loved one.

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