Those who are just starting with their canoeing or kayaking are often in doubt which type of boat to choose. They want to cruise and tour, but in the same time would like to explore white water and mini streams. That kind of people should start with recreational canoe.

Recreational canoe is the ideal paddling boar that measures from bow to stern 16 feet and it is not wider than 33 inches. In the middle, edges are between 11 and 13 inches from water, and at the ends of the boat, this distance rises 4 inches more.

The bottom has slight vee shape. From the bottom sides slant outward to the upper hull’s edge. Usually you will find two seats in a form of flat bench.

When it was first invented, it was made from wood. After some time, builders started to use aluminium. The downside of aluminium usage was that canoes built this way, were quite heavy and sometimes too rigid for white water trips. Today, recreational canoes are built from plastic, usually Royalex or some other derivatives.

For 150 years, recreational canoe hasn’t changed a bit. People use it to paddle in little streams all day long. It is suitable for paddling, fishing or simple wilderness enjoyment. With few additional accessories, it is suitable for usage on white water.

There is enough place in this boat to comfortably carry two passengers and their supplies for more than a week. Some brave souls have used recreational canoe to explore coasts of big lakes and oceans. Others use it to enjoy racing with similar boats or just sail it for pleasure.

Because of its construction, it is paddled with ease. Its specific construction also allows one paddler to be stronger than other and still paddle together. This makes it perfect for husband and wife or parent and child trips. If you decide to be the only one in recreational canoe, you will find this boat to be responsive and easy to push on.

Beginners in canoeing and kayaking should choose recreational canoe for their first boat as it has optimal set of features and is very affordable.

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